Business Lines Of Credit

Our Line of Credit program is a flexible product that consists of a defined amount of capital that you can access as needed and repay either immediately or over time. A Business Line of Credit can be an excellent tool for a small business. Our rates are affordable and our service is fast. If you have been turned down, ACE Funding Source can help.

Line Of Credit Process

Getting the funds for your business is simple. With our quick application process, you’ll have additional funding in no time. Our process is broken into 4 steps: Apply, Qualify, Receive, and Reimburse.


You or a financial expert from your organization fills out a brief business funding application and sends it to our team along with bank statements of the business over the last three months.


Our team will review the information you’ve provided. Generally, most inquiries get approved within a matter of hours.


Receiving your new funding from Ace Funding Source can take 24 hours or less! If there are no hiccups in the application and qualifying stages, we can get the funds to you within 24 hours after approval. Our goal is to get your business funds into your hands as fast as possible. We will work with you to make sure that happens.


Your line of credit will have a draw period and a repayment period.The draw period is the time that you have access to the capital.This stage might last up 10 years or more, depending on the details of your agreement. You will pay only when you withdraw funds from the line of credit. Once you pay back the funds, that amount is again available for you to access.

Frequently Ask Questions

A : The cost of the funds is different for each business owner. Underwriting determines the cost of the capital based on a variety of factors including credit, location, industry type and debt the business has.
A : We do have weekly repayment options subject to eligibility.
A : No. There are never any penalties for paying off the advance early. We actually offer discounts and incentives for paying back the advance early.

A : There is no reporting to any credit reporting agency.

A : Businesses are typically eligible for renewal as soon as they are 50% paid back.

A : We opened in December of 2014.
A : Phone: (631) 319-0685
email: info@acefundingllc.com
A :  366 N. Broadway, Jericho, NY 11753
A : Yes, we are proud of our A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau.

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Businesses of all sizes are encouraged to contact us about our Merchant Cash Advance options or apply for a Merchant Cash Advance today! Funding from Ace Funding Source that backs your business to help it grow can be the difference between an average business and one that succeeds and surpasses competitors. Contact us today to learn more!